Why I do it

Inspired by the journey to becoming momma through adoption, I realized there are so many conversations we only have with our best friend, or worse, not at all.

That can be super isolating and I want to change that because, believe me, you’re not alone.

So this is it, I’m here to talk about everything we normally keep private. Nothing is off limits.

I'm a real woman. A mom, wife, friend, fitness coach and team manager, who understands that fitness and food and LIFE should be enjoyable. With a practical approach, I'm all about that real talk, simple solutions and real simple recipes. It’s been said (IDK by who) that gift of knowing who you are is the foundation of all wisdom.

To me that means it's time to focus on what matters - who you are and what lights you up. It’s time to Get out of the mirror and into the world and it all starts now.

Health and nutrition have always been a part of my life. I grew up on a small farm so I was eating farm-to-table long before it was the thing to do, not that I appreciated it at the time.

As soon as I could drive I rebelled against the foods grew up with. I ate total garbage (McDonald's hot bags, always!), skipped meals and overall made bad decisions. I found myself struggling with how I looked and how I felt. I remember thinking if I just lost weight, I could buy this amazing pink crop top (as seen on an episode of Clueless) and my crush at school would adore me, equaling supreme happiness.

Did that happen? Nope. What ended up happening is I spent most of the time dodging nutritious home-cooked dinners and spending hours obsessing on my ab roller (yes I did just say ab roller, remember those?).

Flash forward to a few years later, I'm in my early 20’s and "overweight" (in my own view of myself and my body) still, sadly sans hot pink crop top. I felt uncomfortable, miserable and tired. All. The. Time. I didn’t want to do much of anything but sleep and eat junk.

In time I realized the issues weren’t (only) what I was eating. I was carrying extra pounds of emotional weight and making bad decisions to keep it around. It was exhausting. Once I connected with the why behind using food to cover up emotions I was able to get to work on resolving the underlying issues.

Basically, I got real with myself, took ownership of my life and decided to do what made me feel like a boss babe. I started walking more, swapped Pepsi for water and ate clean, natural, whole foods. Trust when I say, once you start feeling better, you get addicted to actually feeling good and you gradually do more without even noticing it.

A few years ago I took my passion for food and health to the next level and completed the Registered Holistic Nutritionist program at CSNN. In addition to being a RHN, I wanted to learn more so I completed workshops on Intuitive Eating, became a Certified Raw and Living Food Chef and now am a Certified Indoor Cycling Instructor and TRX Coach.

Am I perfect? No. Are there times I need to step back and reconnect with the person I want to be? 100%. The ability to do that, to grow stronger from it and be more and more the person I want to be is a beautiful thing. Life is about continuous growth and evolution, that's the beauty of it. Nothing is perfect and that's what makes it so sweet. Know this, through that evolution, I got your back.

Recently, with my business partner, co-founder and mega boss, Sarah Wilson, we launched Third Base. A stimulating matcha beverage designed to give you the energy, focus and clarity to do you, always. 

See my work on  MyVega.com and contributed to VanCityBuzz, TheDailyHive, TheDailyHiveVancouver, Huffington Post, Huffington Post CanadaThe Fashion Spot, YoungandRaw.com, Alive Magazine, ECA World FitnessSnob Essentials and Impact Magazine. My recipes have also been featured on withinus.caWorldLifestyle.com and in Le Magazine Lundi.

I have been featured in the BC Living Health and Fitness section, as a local athlete, revealing how I keep fit and in Rodale Wellness with a healthy dessert recipe.

I teamed up with News Anchor at CKNW, Michelle Morton to chat about the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle and the best (and worse) of 2016 fad diets.

And check out my smoothie making session with The Vegan Roadie.


You'll also find me featured in You Can't Out Train a Bad Diet by  Angel Luk. 


Sharing space with people and building a community IRL and online is so valuable to me and something I'm proud to say I share with Vega, in my role as the Education and Engagement Team Manager. Check out what we're up to here and here. 

My Momma taught be some advice that carries me, “get out of the mirror and into the world”. That’s exactly what I help my clients do and what you can expect from the content I create. I think differently about what and why we eat. I’m all about simple, yet powerful changes. Recommendations that help you get real, get out of your head and support you to be the boss of your life.

I hope this blog inspires you to get to know who you really are, uplifts you and motivates you to take care of your mind and body because they're both necessary to be the boss of your life. Oh and if I can make you LOLOLOLOL that would be rad too…

Want to connect? Shoot me an email here to hit me up on the socials below.