You Can Build Lean Muscle


It’s been said that energy flows where your attention goes. If you want to gain lean muscle, putting your attention on fitness and your post-workout nutrition is key.
To build lean muscle, focus your attention on a combination of nutrition, strength training, cardio and rest. It’s the whole, ‘health from the inside out’, lifestyle change thing you’ve heard about. As an Ambassador for withinus TruMarine you can find this originally published on their blog.


Whatever your fitness pursuit is, build the foundation of your diet on healthy fats, clean carbs, vitamins, minerals and protein. Just keeping it real, protein is non-negotiable when it comes to building lean muscle.

Protein plays a role in building and repairing muscle. withinUs TruMarine™ Collagen is a good source of the amino acid, glycine, which plays a role in protein synthesis and creatine production. Why is that important? Creatine aids in muscle growth, which, in conjunction with fitness and adequate rest, can support the lean muscle gain you’re after.

Post workout- go for a high protein (5+ grams per serving) meal or snack, such as a shake, smoothie bowl, yogurt, or power bowl. The lowdown on withinUs TruMarine™ Collagen, is that it’s tasteless, odorless and dissolves quickly, so you can easily add it seamlessly to your favourite post-workout meal or snack.


Focus on a combination of full-body strength training, and cardio. Stay consistent and vary your workouts for a well-rounded approach. That way you’ll never get bored and keep those muscles guessing. Listen to your body and consider increasing weight, intensity or duration as you get stronger, as long as it feels safe.

If you’re in Vancouver, BC, I recommend checking out Tight Sweat at Tight Club for a full-body, HITT workout with a community vibe. Strengthen and lengthen, low impact style with Pilates at Lagree and get your cardio dance party on with me, on the bike, at Spin Society!

To fuel up your post sweat session, this is the best recipe.


½ cup yogurt
1 cup berries (fresh, frozen or a combo)
1 scoop withinUs TruMarine™ Collagen
Lime zest
Bonus: 1-2 tsp powdered sea greens, such as Chlorella or Spirulina

Layer yogurt, berries, yogurt, berries
Stir withinUs TruMarine™ Collagen and sea greens (optional)
Top with a few more berries and lime zest.


For me, the hardest part of any new habit is starting. To ensure I keep a habit going I continue my routine, even on vacation. That means bringing my fave supplements with me and making time to try new workouts, wherever I am. withinUs TruMarine™ Collagen stick packs are the best for on the go. I keep them at the office, in my gym bag and my travel bag.

While on vacay, I love to stir a stick pack into water and drink it while I relax post-workout.

This brings me to the final piece of the puzzle- rest. Allowing your body time to rest and recover is essential to give your body the space it needs to regenerate, rebuild and repair.

Let the energy flow, with focused attention on these key aspects of lean muscle gain, feel confident and at ease knowing you got this.