Being a modern-day hustler,  trying to balance, career, social life and health (or lack there of) can be hectic. Innovating, creating, always on the move. It's a crazy life and you wouldn't change it for anything. But like having a skinny margarita in one hand and an ancient grain bowl in the other, life is all about balance.

In come adaptogens. Basically these are healing foods and herbs (think medicinal mushrooms, ginseng) that support your adrenals and help your body adapt to stress. Bringing you and your cortisol levels back into balance. 

Why does that matter? Stress raises cortisol. Which is what it's supposed to do. But after the stress is over (after you nail that meeting or book that client) our cortisol should drop back down. If you're not in balance, it won't. Elevated levels of cortisol is a hormone imbalance that can negatively affect your mood1, suppress immunity, and slow metabolism. 

Thankfully, you have matcha. While matcha may not be widely considered an adoptogen (like you, it won't be defined by names or labels) and because it contains the amino acid L-theanine, it's known to produce a state of calm alertness and enhance mood. Essentially bringing you back to balance, allowing your body to adapt to the stresses of your high vibe life. 

And you also have cacao, grab Chocolate Third Base for the added benefit of cacao, rich in flavanols. Cacao has been shown to increase brain blood flow2, bringing much needed nutrients to your brain and pituitary gland, which is responsible for regulating your adrenals and stress hormones. 

Innovative. Creative. Balanced.



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