What I do

Freelance writing, nutrition and fitness coaching 


As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Indoor Cycling Instructor and fitness coach I’m all about simple, yet powerful changes that focus on a holistic approach to nutrition. You can expect content and recipes that help busy woman get real, get out of their head and take the world by storm.

I've written content and created recipes for MyVega.com and withinus TruMarine . I've contributed to VanCityBuzz, TheDailyHive, Huffington Post,  Huffington Post CanadaThe Fashion Spot, YoungandRaw.com and TheDailyHiveVancouver.


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During our initial consultation we will uncover your specific nutrition, lifestyle and wellness goals. This consultation will help you define your goals and you will leave with personalize recommendations to use right away!

This session will also allow me to make recommendations for your personalized health & nutrition plan.  Your personalized plan may include the following:

~ A step-by-step plan to help you make changes to achieve your goals
~ Lifestyle & nutrition recommendations
~ Nutritious & delicious recipe recommendations


Our follow up sessions will hold you accountable, celebrate your successes and reassess your current goals to ensure you have all of the tools you need for success.

Follow up sessions may include:

~ Lifestyle & nutrition recommendations
~ Nutritious & delicious recipe recommendations
~ Meal plans & tips
~ Recommendations help you end the frustration about food & start loving life


Book a free 10 min introductory session! Available by phone or Skype

~ 1 session $149 $139
1 X 1 hr one on one consultation & personalized recommendations

~ 3 sessions $399 $379
1 X 1 hr one on one consultation, 2 X 30 min follow up consultations & personalized plan

~ 5 sessions $599 $569
1 X 1 hr one on one consultation, 4 X 30 min follow up consultations & personalized plan

~ Long term programs available; please contact me for more information

Sessions can be done in person, over the phone or via Skype.



"The most important thing to know about Bridgette is that she is safe. I have told her things so intensely private and heartbreaking that I could feel the words struggling to exit my throat, and whatever didn't make it out she had the intuition to understand. She has never judged me or my (often) poor decisions, instead focusing on how to get back on track. She is one of the only people I've ever been able to fully and completely trust, which is an invaluable trait in both a healthcare professional and a friend. She is interested in YOUR goals, not what society says is currently trendy (ideal for someone like me: I lose faith almost immediately in anyone who doesn't do their own research), and she follows the same principles in determining the best course of action to help clients achieve their health related goals. At the end of the day the only thing that matters is this: if you can't be honest with yourself and express a genuine desire to change you will spend your time and money but keep living the same result. No fad diet, spin class, magic juice or berry from South America will change that. Once you've overcome the challenge of being honest with yourself you need a safe person to truly confide in - find Bridgette. The strength to change can only come from within yourself - and when you're ready to make that change Bridgette can help you through it." ~Lynn; Vancouver, BC