Have you lost that lovin’ feeling? That feeling you get when your healthy habits are a part of your life, when YOU are a priority? That lovin’ feeling may need to be rekindled when you’re taking care of the people you love, putting everyone else’s needs first, and your needs start to slide to a far second.

Self-care is the everyday practice of making you a priority. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be something you’d do only if you had the time. By all means, treat yourself, but for most of us, spa days and all-out pampering aren’t practical in day-to-day life. Self-care can fit into any day.

It’s All About You

Self-care is what you do, for you, that makes you feel happy and healthy. Self-care can include a wide variety of practices and activities. It could be:

A walk after dinner
Making a smoothie instead of going without breakfast
Going to the grocery store without little ones in tow
Getting to bed early because lunches were made at the same time as dinner
Having 2 minutes just to yourself to breath—whether it’s an emergency stash of chocolate or behind a locked bathroom door
Whatever it is, show yourself some love. Love yourself, be proud of who you are and own it.

Start a Self-Care Wildfire

My Momma was my self-care role model because she didn’t just talk about it, she lived it. She made it her priority to do the things she loved. She spent time outdoors with friends and family, laughing, joking; soaking up the sun or mucking around in the rain with our dogs (we had at least 6 at all times). And trust me, her best life living, self-care good vibes were infectious.

Your healthy habits make a difference to not only to you but to those around you. What you do on the daily will (and does) inspire others. Have you ever done something so completely ridiculous, called up a friend, shared what happened and laughed like it was going out of style? Have you done something so amazing that you couldn’t wait to get home to tell your family? Those are the best moments, right? Leading by example is all about living your best life, taking care of yourself and sharing it with those around you. There’s no easier way to spread the self-care message than loving yourself and enjoying your life.

Get Social

Social media can be such a powerful tool, one that brings us together as a larger community. But what you see on social media isn’t always real life. Instead of getting wrapped up in comparisons and unrealistic expectations, spread the self-care message by joining conversations about real life.

Spread Love, Volunteer

You’re showing yourself some love, and feeling recharged, you may want to help other people take better care of themselves. There are many body positive campaigns that are always looking for volunteers. Check out your local community center or reach out to organizations like HAES, which offers resources to help you find organizations in your area.