Feel Better in Your Body

Did you know that up to 90% of woman dislike the size and shape of their body?1 That stat may surprise you, but to be honest it doesn’t surprise me. Everywhere from locker room at the gym to the lineup at my local coffee shop, I hear woman (and men) talking about how dislike this body part or that, or how they should eat less and exercise more. I say we change these conversations and start talking about how awesome we are.


why Comparing Yourself Is a Mistake

Get a fresh perspective


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Skin Envy: Matcha and Your Skin

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High Vibe Life: Bringing Life Into Balance

Being a modern-day hustler,  trying to balance, career, social life and health (or lack there of) can be hectic. Innovating, creating, always on the move. It's a crazy life and you wouldn't change it for anything. But like having a skinny margarita in one hand and an ancient grain bowl in the other, life is all about balance. Bring on balance, bring on matcha. Find out why riiiiiiiiight here, aiiiiiight?


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Matcha, Your Brain BFF

Meet your new BFF. 


Operation YOU

I had the pleasure of spending time in The Nest with UBC's Alpha Phi this week for their development workshop, Operation YOU. 20 ladies with packed school, work and social schedules sat down and asked me their burning nutrition questions. Check out what we chatted about here

Reduce Stress + Improve Mood

Hearing those words, I bet you're feeling better already! Keep reading here if this sounds like something you could use. 


You Can Build Lean Muscle

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Show Yourself Some Love


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WHAT ARE ADAPTOGENS and should you care?

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